Thursday, February 4, 2016

Please RSVP!!

Vashon Youth Theatre exists for YOU. The production of COMPANY is a Fund Raiser for YOUR Theatre Company. Elizabeth has filed the paperwork-- VYT is your bonafide 501(c)3 non profit educational organization--

Theatre does an excellent job of reflecting life-- and life is really expensive right now. So we all do our bit-- a little bit or a big bit-- what is possible for you and not one iota more is all I ask-- but Ido ask :)

I want you to check the Rehearsal Schedule for COMPANY--same  place on the website as your Carrie or Oz Rehearsal Schedule was-- because we have several Fund Raisers happening in this jolly month of February:

1. Pre Super Bowl Bake Sale in front of Thriftway starting at 8 am on Saturday February 6th-- We do need cookie and bars & we need patrons!! -- we are not doing cupcakes, cakes, pies, breads, and on-- just cookies and/or cookies that are rectangular --like brownies, blondies, lemon bars, etc. I am super proud of our previous bake sales-- we know how to make delicious treats!!

2. The great unveiling of the Truffle Fund Raiser: Yes, chocolate Truffles in 11 varieties, that we will be taking orders for-- Pick up of ordered chocolate Truffles to be at the Vashon High School Theatre between 6 pm and 7 pm and also at Intermission of COMPANY--see below!. How can you help?? Tell people about how they can order a selection (one of each of the 11 flavors)  of delicious Chocolate Truffles to support your theatre company: VYT! I know I am ordering Truffles too-- I can't resist!!!  Can you!?

3. The actual first ever Annual VYT Fundraiser!! Vashon Youth Theatre presents a Fund Raiser!!
COMPANY, by Stephen Sondheim, based on a book by George Furth, and directed by Elizabeth Ripley, is coming to Vashon on Feb 26 & 27th ONLY.  That’s right! TWO performances only at the Vashon High School Theatre, Friday, February 26th at 7 pm and Saturday, February 27th at 7 pm. Starring Karl Reyes as Bobby— Vashon Opera fans will remember his moving and exciting performance in La Boheme, Vashon Opera’s Inaugural production! In the tradition of Vashon Youth Theatre— many roles will be played by Teen Thespians… and for our Fund Raiser— many roles are played by Vashon’s finest… some new faces and some you will be delighted to see again :)
Please join us in raising funds for Vashon Youth Theatre, a non-profit in the State of WA dedicated to providing theatre excellence for Vashon’s Teens! Tickets will be available at the Vashon Book Shop in the beginning of February. Pre-purchase General Admission is $15, Youth and Seniors $5. Tickets at the door General Admission $20, Youth & Seniors $5.  Don’t miss Sondheim’s perfect Date Night musical about Love and Marriage— nominated for 14 Tony’s! For information contact Elizabeth Ripley: eripley13000@yahoo.com
HUgs ERipley
ps--and we are planning on RENT for the summer production--and yes, there are roles for our younger thespians (shout out to our Munhkin, and, yes, there's room for some of  grown ups [post 25 years\  too. Heck, I took my kids to block parties in NYC--so I want children to be a part of Over The Moon & Seasons of Love! --and just in case you are wondering why RENT! It is because of a sad and scary trend your generation is currently experiencing. There is a real uptick in Aids/HIV positive results in kids who are going off to Undergraduate Colleges  and Universities. This is a conversation we want to have-- and what a fabulous place to have it: at the Vashon High School Theatre,
pps: Ozians: I  have your T-shirts and I have your DVDs!! If you ordered extras, please make the check payable to Mark Corliss. ALL Future checks can be written to Vashon Youth Theatre!! Hurray!
The viewing Party: What about Sunday the 21st at 6 pm at Ober Park? If you read all the way to the bottom of this letter--then you now know you should be letting me know (RSVPing) 1.) if you can bring treats and/or peeps to the bake sale on Feb 6th; 2.)Peeps, excitement and charm to the Guest Bartender Night on Feb 11th; 3) Peeps and chocoholics to order Chocolate Truffles; 4)Peeps to come see the Musical COMPANY!; and 5) Let me know if you want to be IN RENT this summer!! Phew--that's a lot of RSVPing!!  HUgs to you all: ER

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