Sunday, January 3, 2016

Questions Regarding Rehearsals
Where Do Rehearsals Take Place?
Rehearsals happen at a variety of places depending on venue availability:

Elizabeth Ripley’s House: Saturdays 1-5
Saturdays 5 pm on and Sundays
McMurray Band Room or VHS Bandroom for Music
Ober Park or VHS Bandroom for Staging
VHS Theatre: as of Feb 14th/15th

When Will Rehearsal Take Place?

The Rehearsal Schedule will be Sat & Sundays 1 pm to 5 pm or later— until tech week. There will most likely be a single eve added to the schedule in February to facilitate staging. Separate choreography rehearsals will be scheduled for Alexis (Kathy) and the choreographer at Ober Park. Individual one-on-ones can be scheduled with Elizabeth to work on music at any time during the rehearsal process.
Tech week is the full week before the show opens. This is the only part of the schedule that is inflexible, as the schedule is set by the availability of musicians and tech staff,
Tech Week Rehearsals rehearsals start on Sat the 20th day or eve; Sun the 21st day/or eve and every evening after which can go as late as 10 pm. Mon or Tues will be a Sitz Prob--music ONLY reh--this will include Tick Tock. The day that is not used as a Sitz Prob will be an eve OFF! Wed is a full reh. Thus Preview; Friday & Sat performances at 7 pm. Call to house for Actors is 5 pm. Call to house for Musicians is 6 pm. Tech will be in the house for you by 4 pm.
Questions? Contact Elizabeth: eripley13000@yahoo.com

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