Monday, October 12, 2015

Check The Rehearsal Schedule! & save your Thriftway receipts

1) The Rehearsal Schedule now has some time/places and peeps listed-- Click on Rehearsal Schedule =. Do further click on each day that does not say: NO REHEARSAL. Some rehearsals are listed by name; some are listed by scene or musical number! If you are unsure what you (or your participant) is doing in the Production-- email me eripley13000@yahoo.com I will be posting a Full-ish Cast list later tonight, as we are having Dorothy Callbacks tonight. We have 2 possible Dorothys--and we need but ONE... I say "Full-ish" about the Cast List--because I am not yet 100% sure-- yet--who all are going to be the Winkies! Suffice to say: If you were in the EMERALD CITY and you are not a Witch, a Wizard, Dorothy or Toto-- you will be in the Winkie Costume. Elite Dancers remain Flying Monkeys when Winkies are about! Lion, Scarecrow & Tinman will be in Winkie Costumes during the Rescue... Please DO print out scripts: they were emailed to you, if you or your participant reads. If the non-readers want scripts--they can have them too! But you might want to limit the pages to just the parts they are IN. --(And King County Library offers 75 B&W pages printed for free every week!)-- If you do not have the email let me know! No printer? No Library Card? Let me know!I am here to solve problems :) 2) Please save all Thriftway rcpts: Cash payment, Charged or DBT-- please sign rcpt and put your phone number on the front of receipt. Bring to me! Elizabeth, at rehearsal. I will have an envelope for the receipts in the black box-- I will pass them along To Shelley, our Thriftway Guru-- and VYT will receive a donation from Thriftway, based on the total generated by the receipts turned in. this program is never ending!! Please save, sign and put your ph # on Thriftway receipts forever... Vashon Youth Theatre Thanks YOU & Thriftway :)

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